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Experience in electronics design, manufacturing, and troubleshooting. Products I've worked on include the Reinventing Science Kits that teach electrical and electronics principles and the new EV Challenge Troubleshooting Simulator   
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CNC / Milling

Experienced with Vectric CAD/CAM software and ShopBot + Rockler CNC Hardware. Experienced at hold-down jig/fixture design including double-sided cutting. 2D, 2.5D, and 3D manufacturing techniques.  
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Illustration / Art

Experience in technical illustration and design including some CAD. Expert user of VISIO for technical diagramming.   
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Basic experience in sheet metal fabrication as well as basic metal working skills.  
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Some basic background in film photography and darkroom but mostly experience in digital photography and photo editing especially photo journalism of maker events.  
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Writing / Copy Editing

Experienced writer including the publication of college textbook, instruction manuals for reinventing science kits, and instructional materials for a wide range of technical topics.  
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User Bio:

My earliest memories are of watching my voice on my dad's 1950's
Heathkit Oscilloscope and sorting resistors by color code into
coffee cans while he rebuilt carburetors and worked on TV sets.
At age 8 I found Doctor Who on PBS which lead to other PBS
shows like the Woodwright's Shop and NOVA. My whole life has
been split between electronics/computers/technology and
education and I've incorporated that into my career all the while
trying to keep my hands dirty making new things. I've also got an
appreciation for history and really enjoy retro technology. In
college I started in Electrical Engineering but finished in
Technology Education. I found that I liked people better than
calculus which is funny because now I sometimes tutor kids in
advanced math including calculus.

Depending on the direction that the wind is blowing I am:
* Founder/Owner/Chief Inventor for Harris Educational
* Originator of the Reinventing Science kits (Reinventing Edison:
Build your own Light Bulb, Reinventing Morse: Build your own
Telegraph and others)
* Founder of the Alamance Makers Guild, a community of and for
makers in Alamance County NC (my current home)
* Founder and Director of the Burlington Mini Maker Faire (NC's
Second Maker Faire)
* Evangelist for all things STEAM (Science, Technology,
Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)
* CNC/Digital Fabrication Designer
* Video Producer
* Instructional Designer / eLearning Developer