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I am an intermediate coder, and currently code in or for: PHP, Javascript, Mysql, C#, Objective C, Visual Basic and some others I can't really remember at the moment. Right now I am working on Maker To Maker. :)  
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Essential Oils - Steam Distillation Research  

(Lotions / Potions / Etc. - Project) 
Public Team
This team explores methods and equipment for the distillation of essential oils through steam extraction. Both copper stills and lab glass methods will be examined. We will focus on trying to determine the ideal setup and conditions for extraction under a number of scenarios. For example: rose oil requires double boiling, while a plant like lavender is trivial to process with steam. So if you're into making essential oils, this may be the group for you.

Sustainable Community Resource Action Project  

(3D Printing - Project) 
Public Team
Let's use the awesome power of 3D Printing and making for good. Many communities do not have ready access to resources and equipment: Nunavut, Alaska, remote and mountainous regions alike. Many of our local communities could use a little extra: whether that is increasing lighting, safety, sustainability, recycling, or whatever the community needs. Often it may be difficult or may take a long time to bring in parts, supplies, or the basic necessities for modern life. This project aims to find ways to use maker technology / ingenuity to make it possible, affordable and practical. Let's get together and identify some things that we can do. Join the group and let's get the ball rolling :)

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I am 39 years old and live and work in Toronto. I've been trying to think of what kind of "maker" I am, and I think I'm the hack-it-together type. I'm used to taking things from my environment and combining them in new ways.


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