Lore: Weapons & Militaria:

Small Arms:

SA 44/40

     The Sirius Armaments 44/40 blaster pistol is a perennial favorite among both civilian and paramilitary customers. The over-under barrel configuration offers the kind of versatility that is usually reserved for larger weapons.

     This weapon is capable of firing a wide range of rounds in .44 caliber kinetic or .40 beam-caliber accelerated ion-crystal pulse. The standard model comes equipped with front and rear dot sights featuring enhanced tritium indicators.

     This weapon is as effective against flesh as it is armor plating when used with the appropriate magazine according to the tactical situation. The proprietary ion-crystal matrix packs a punch against technologically enhanced organisms and electronic devices.

     Available in most stations and armories across the Orion Arm.

UM-226 Disruptor

     The Universal Mechanics model 226 disruption pistol is the result of a failed attempt by UM to woo the corporate/military market. As a result only a small number of these weapons were made, comparatively speaking, and although they are very popular among special-ops, criminals and mercenaries they are growing increasingly rare in the wider market.

     The disruptor uses high energy cells to create a localized disruption field on contact that destabilizes the bonds between the molecules of whatever it hits, in effect, causing the target to dissolve. Each magazine is only capable of firing four devastating shots on a single charge. Due to the supply and demand problems facing users of the weapon it has become nearly impossible to find the original power cells produced by UM and the reproductions which are more commonly available have a tendency to explode, thus disrupting the weapon's operator.

     Ultimately the weapon's unreliability, difficulty in aiming due to its small size and imprecise construction has led to its commercial failure.

     However, due to various galactic treaties, disruption weapons are hard to come by and those who are still brave or foolish enough to wield the 226 swear by it's effectiveness.

     "A solid standoff blaster. It's the smallest gun that nobody wants to mess with... even the shooter takes a risk when operating the weapon."

Heavy Arms:

AG-60 Autocannon

     The Arma Ghede model 60 Autocannon is a fearsome directed-fire weapon capable of securing wide arcs in a variety of tactical situations. It is in widespread use across the known galaxy and is a favorite of mercenary companies and corporate military organizations. It is configured as standard to fire kinetic rounds but is also available in the AG-60E variant for those situations that require the use of beamed weapons.

     The AG60 accepts both standard belt feed and box/drum magazines typically in sizes of 150 and 500 rounds, though larger boxes or energy cells are possible in mounted set-ups. The AG60 comes standard with a forward folding bipod and recoil reducing detachable stock. A low power 2x/4x optical sight is standard, but the top rail will accept other options according to the end-user's need.

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