Lore: Ships, Drones & Vehicles:

Signature Ships:

KS-TRL (Kestrel)

     Fox pilots the Kestrel, a sleek and advanced prototype that he stole just after forming his link with Arc. Its designation is KS-TRL and translates to Kemetic Shipyards - Tactical Reconnaissance Lancer. A lightning fast stealth ship that uses both electronic and optical camouflage and is powered by an experimental engine core.

     The Kestrel has three decks, the main/bridge deck, crew deck and engineering deck. It's three main cargo holds located aft and to each side of the ship's spine have enough room to hold two dozen special-ops soldiers and all the kit they'll need for a strike mission, or considerably fewer on longer engagements. While not the smallest ship, the Kestrel is small and agile enough to give it a wide range of mission possibilities both in space and planet-side as the ship is capable of atmospheric re-entry. The jump-drive is one of the fastest known engines in existence, however at sub-light speeds there are craft that can easily match and perhaps outperform the Kestrel in complex maneuvers.

     It is moderately armored and modestly armed as it was not designed to compete with the highest classes of elite fighters. Dual plasma cannons mounted on the forward wing stubs are effective against light and medium armor and shielding but would have little effect on a shielded capital ship, except for turrets and other vulnerable areas. Two missile tubes directed forward are capable of dispensing up to six rockets each. Fore and rear mounted countermeasures launchers can fire off flares, chaff, decoy drones or ECM pods. A larger aft tube can launch a larger multi-purpose drone, when equipped or can service other larger single use weapons such as an anti-ship torpedo or cruise missile. Small automated point defense turrets can be activated on the dorsal or upper surfaces at five points to counteract incoming missiles at close range or lightly armed and armored attacking ground forces.

     Onboard stores include a fully stocked medical bay suitable for treating a wide range of injuries that were expected to be incurred by the special forces operatives that the kestrel was designed for. It has adequate rations and water stores for extended voyages and has an ample armory that has been customized to Fox's particular tastes and needs.

     A weak point in the design or outfitting of the craft lies in the fact that some of the components required to power the experimental drive core and supporting systems are not available in the field nor are spares provided in any of the engineering storage lockers. The Kestrel's creators relied too heavily on the skill of the operators, computer and stealth systems to avoid such problems.

     Perhaps the most unique feature is the Kestrel's on-board integrated AI known as Arc.

Barker's Heavy Fighter

     Barker pilots a Sparq medium fast attack craft whose designation (or name) is unknown. It is made of the same types of materials that are common to all Sparq including a white ceramic like material with platinum accents.

     The ship is octagonal in shape and is elongated toward the forward end and has no visible cockpit as Barker is completely ensconced and immobilized within the heart of the vessel and has no need to 'see' with its own 'eyes' so to speak. The craft has a large dark round sensor array at the front which gives the craft a passing resemblance to a giant robotic eye. Eight silvery mechanical arms protrude from the aft third of the craft and reach forward gripping eight spherical eye-like drones in each claw. The drones are also Sparq and are capable of acting independently, often in pairs (to cover each other) and will obey Barker's will despite their somewhat rebellious nature. Each of the drones is armed with pulse cannons, but can change their configurations as needed given a short time and availability of the necessary resources.

     Little is known about the true capabilities of the ship in terms of maximum speed, performance and defensive capabilities. It appears to rely on twin forward pulse/plasma type cannons as its primary armament, supplemented by the firepower of the drones. Other offensive weapons are unknown. Likewise the strength of any energy shielding and armor has not been confirmed other than in comparison with other known Sparq ships. That is to say that they are formidable opponents and their advanced technology cannot be matched by other types ships of comparable size. It is believed that Sparq vessel is capable of surviving the direct blast from a capital-ship borne particle beam at medium to long ranges.

Eulogy's Needle

     Eulogy flies a long, thin, almost needle-like vessel that is of unknown manufacture. Observed characteristics include extreme acceleration capabilities and a high rate of maneuverability.

     Little is publicly known of its offensive and defensive capabilities at this time.

Power Armor:

Cygnus Dynamics AB4

     Fulfilling the the unspoken yet almost universal goals of children the galaxy over is the terrific Augmented-Battle Power Armor line from Cygnus which transforms the 'wearer' into a giant missile spewing robot. These suits, if you can call them that, are made in small numbers and are highly variable depending on the specific needs of the customer, though each series, such as Boxcutter's mark IV armor have a common chassis and main systems.

     The mark IV variant towers to a little over fifteen meters in height and resembles a giant person shaped battle robot. The armored suit is capable both in space, land to a more limited extent the water. The integrated Cygnus DA-42 powerplant and thrusters allow for an impressive range of speeds and aerial manoeuvrability. The armor is not suitable for interplanetary or longer voyages due to a relatively low top speed compared to that of a jump capable starship. However, between tolerable distances there is no impediment save that of atmospheric re-entry of which the AB4 suit is not capable without shielding or a carrier-module.


TR-VNM (Venom)


TR-RPR (Reaper medium fighter/bomber)

     The Reaper variant builds on the foundation on the Venom and adds a secondary set of plasma cannons, more missiles and heavier armor, a beefier powerplant and engines. The added mass make the Reaper somewhat less agile than its smaller counterpart but excels in dealing damage for its relatively small size.

     Improved energy shielding is more effective at reducing incoming damage from all non-ionized sources.

     Other upgrades include the ability to dual task as a bomber. Hard points mounted between the triangular wings allow the Reaper to carry up to four anti-ship torpedoes, or combination of large ordnance that is generally no more than seven meters long (including the launch tubes) and whose combined weight/mass does not exceed 6250kg at 1 earth gravity.

     In fighter-bomber configuration the Reaper can jettison the torpedo tubes when they are no longer required and fall back into fighter mode and provide cover for other craft or resume combat operations.

TR-RVR (Reaver heavey fighter/bomber)

     The Reaver variant builds on the commercial success of the Reaper and continues the general upgrade trend found in the lighter models. Up to six plasma cannons are equippable to the wing mounted weapons pods but would create a strain on the power systems creating a situation where high firepower is only available in bursts. For this reason, two of the cannons are often exchanged for kinetic weapons, or disabled altogether.

     As per the Reaper bomber configuration, the Reaver can carry additional payload and ordnance connected to its hardpoints.



     The Exoris Behemoth capital ship is approximately 2.4 kilometers (1.5 miles) long and 600 meters (650 yards) high and wide.This ship is all about utilizing storage space and being able to haul staggering amounts of cargo, equipment or even entire mining colonies across the galaxy.

     While the Behemoth usually has no long range particle beams or main cannons, it does have the ability to defend itself with hundreds or even thousands of minion drones, and both heavy and medium turret batteries. It has been described as the misshapen offspring of a stack of cardboard boxes and a cactus.

     The behemoth is typically painted in shades of grey with the lopsided Exoris X logo prominently painted across port and starboard sides. Even so, nobody could confuse this ship with any other.


Bove (Freighter)

     The Bove freighter, or 'cow' as it is more commonly known is a large and ungainly freight transport designed and crafted by Exoris but is no longer being produced due to advances in design and aesthetic.


Minion (Exoris)

     The Exoris Minion drone is built upon a standard cubical chassis approximately three meters to a side and is outfitted with a range of supplementary equipment according to it's purpose.

     Mining lasers, grippers, repair tools, coil-guns and scanners are commonly outfitted to these drones.

     They are semi-autonomous and rely on a central command and control network that must be within communications range for them to operate effectively.

Egg (Rodan)

     The Rodan made egg shaped drones are produced in vast numbers and stored in larval cells or affixed to the outer skin of planetary drop ships. As with everything the Rodans do, they tend to produce and deploy the drones in great numbers. It is common for two to five drones accompanying every Rodan larval light fighter in battle.

     They tend to be armed with coil-guns and sometimes light rockets. Their small size and relatively low cost allow for any individual drone to be somewhat ineffective on its own.

     Egg drones will act autonomously according to their limited programming and will seek to accompany larger ships or their own kind whenever possible.

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