Lore: Governance & Governments:

The Galactic Governance:

     The Galactic governance is a political entity comprised of politicians from the four 'living races'.

     And it is also made up of the corporate diplomats representing over one hundred of the galaxy's most powerful entrepreneurial interests. The Sparq also have an unknown role in galactic politics.

     The Governance rose out of necessity. The wars that were once fought over star-systems and galactic territory were bad for business. In turn these conflicts hurt corporate profits and had the side effect of massacring legions of consumers, customers, and buyers. However well this turn of events proved for military contractors and suppliers, it had an overall cooling effect on the galactic economy. Something had to be done...

     Over time, the Governance formed into the bureaucratic monstrosity that is both loved (perhaps) and reviled by many (confirmed) today.

     Due to the number of competing interests involved, the Governance has little effect on local politics and is often slow in reacting to serious and potentially devastating situations.

     Taxes are high enough to garner resentment from the general populace who generally sees no direct benefit of having the Governance in place. The average citizen perceives the Governance as a wasteful, ignorant, and dangerously ambivalent entity. Corporations tend to see the Governance as a necessity and see the value in having a body with which to ratify and perhaps enforce trade agreements, border disputes and the like.

     The Governance has a small, yet still powerful, standing military presence, and in times of great need can call on the participating member races to provide support. Failing that, they have been known to employ any one of a number of Mercenary Companies or Bounty Hunters, as long as those organizations are on the list of approved vendors and have satisfied all aspects of the Governance procurement process (processing time for new applicants may be expected to last for several, and more often than not, more than twenty years, from start to finish). The corporations out of necessity, and perhaps also because they can, have also formed enormous private military presences with which they zealously protect their interests. Their primary concern is piracy and work-stoppages, as a result their is often strict law and order on corporate worlds and the most commonly travelled trade routes are relatively safe.


     The Sparq are mysterious and imposing by anyone's standards. Current knowledge of the robotic race is limited, less from an overt attempt at secrecy on the part of the Sparq. In fact the machines are notoriously reticent to share more information than is strictly necessary. As a result, we know little about their ways.

     The Sparq do employ a diplomatic core. That is to say that there are configurations of Sparq that are regularly encountered in diplomatic relations, however infrequently.

     The Sparq prefer not to get involved with the development of the other races. It is well rumored that they have provided guidance to the galactic leadership from time to time but otherwise they seem to require little from the living races and offer even less in return.

     Sparq have been known to initiate limited diplomatic contact with any race that has evolved to the point of faster than light travel.


     The D'esht race is extinct in the modern Galaxy and their political problems have been more or less resolved by virtue of their total annihilation/disappearance.

     It is believed that their political, social and religious systems were not so different from the ones in place today.

     While there is a great deal more about the D'esht that is known in certain circles, the details are classified and have not yet found their way into common knowledge.


     This ancient race is also extinct and there is precious little evidence of their existence. Nothing is known about their political systems and motivations.

Primitive Species:

     There are of course other species in the galaxy on any number of habitable worlds. Some of those species may be classified as intelligent, and others still as sentient. Due to their technological, biological, or other 'deficiencies', they do not play and active role in Galactic politics with some exceptions.

     Within their own worlds, and systems these species have their own unique and equally ineffective forms of local governance.

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