Lore: Faith & Beliefs:



     None of the faiths and belief systems presented in my works are meant to approximate or represent any living system in practice today. There may be similarities but I assure you that they are coincidental rather than intentional. The basis for the belief systems contained in the books take inspiration from many philosophies and ideas, a few of which I hope (in vain) are original.

     None of the philosophies herein represented have been devised with the intention of accruing followers or diminishing any practice that the reader might presently identify with. That being said, I would happy to discuss philosophy, mysticism and belief at some considerable length, at my discretion.

Religions & Philosophies:

Children of Deos / Kind ib' Aed

     Named for the religion that spawned from the so called 'God-star', Deos, and the space station known as the 'Heap' (link) which is in geo-stationary orbit above Deos I (otherwise known as Nedela).

     The origin of the faith is recounted at some length in the books themselves, so for the moment I will not expand much on that point here.

     The followers of this faith have interpreted radio-signals emanating from the artificial pulsar, Deos, as having originated from a highly advanced and ancient super-race known as the Builders (link). They believe that the indecipherable transmission that the star repeats endlessly is a clue that will unlock the secrets of the Builders, allowing the adherents to ascend to whatever place of existence, or current location, the gods have retired to.

     In today's terms you might think of the Builders as a kind of clock-maker deity that created the Galaxy, if not Universe, and then retired to some unknown purpose.

Flurian N'ish-ehsh Ssash'Nhar Hma'nnana

     It's a mouthful and I won't give a detailed explanation on how to pronounce it... but you should picture yourself on a warm sunny day, sitting in the dappled shade of a tree, breathing deeply and you turn your head up towards the sun's heat, eyes closed. The wind flows through the leaves and the scent of vanilla-jasmine tinged with exotic spice fills your lungs and the sound that the breeze makes, and the sun's warm rays, and the scent all together are what form the words that the Flur speak. If your heart is full and you feel like you might tear up a little, from the sheer joyful warmth of it, even if you won't admit that out loud, you're doing it right. You -know- how to say it, otherwise it's just a bit of nonsense isn't it?

     The Flur, unlike humans, do not seek to distance themselves from nature. Their spiritual beliefs are deeply connected to the living world and the passing of the seasons. Most of them live long lives, and some are almost eternal by human standards so that makes them both more complicated and much simpler at the same time.

     In a private moment with Fox, Trace reveals the Flurian belief that there are three souls.

  • Seed soul: Eternal and incorruptible. It is the true soul and carries with it the knowledge of the species.
  • Root soul: Encompasses the family, and the genetic lineage. Flur are made of of many sentient sub-species similar to human 'races'. However the diversity among them is much, much greater, and goes far beyond superficial characteristics such as pigmentation.
  • Flower soul: Is the projection of an individual Flur's life force into the physical universe and has a great impact on how they relate to Flurian ideals.


     Many religions that exist in our world today carry on into the future. With them, are a myriad of other beliefs, mysticisms, half-baked-prattlings and spiritual pursuits. If they don't occur in the books it's only because they are relatively un-interesting or relevant to the plot.

Common Beliefs:


     Many people in the far future, of all races and the melting-pot that occurs within massive space-stations and hubs of commerce result in a stunning array of beliefs, superstitions and gossip. It's a bit like the internet today, but with fewer cats. Regionally you may get more commonality in opinions, but overall there is a tremendous amount of philosophical diversity. This includes atheism, apathy, and ambivalence as much as it does faith, spirituality, and pure non-sense like politics.

Political Beliefs:


     Political beliefs in the future are pretty much what they are today in the west: shaping corporate interests in a direction that satisfies the will of the elite. The masses in turn are given enough freedoms that they can convincingly blame themselves for their sorry state of affairs without shouldering too much of the responsibility on those who actually pull the strings. Whatever else you can say about it, it more or less works. If all of this seems a little cynical is because it's meant to, the future isn't any squeakier or cleaner than the world is today and there's as much bad in it as good.

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