Lore: Criminal Organizations, Factions and Cartels:


Nine Daggers

     The Nine Daggers cartel makes its home on the far eastern decks of the 'Heap'/Steeple Station. Unique among criminal organizations in almost any sector is the fact that their ranks are comprised entirely of female operators, a vast majority of which are human in descent.

     Structurally, they are led by the dark Monika who oversees the entire operation that stretches across a number of neighbouring star systems and has interests in gambling, extortion, drug and arms trafficking among others. Two underbosses, Nileen and Seph make up the senior command structure and they are responsible for most of the day to day operations of the cartel. They are in turn supported by squadrons of sworn Blood-Sisters, all of whom would die for their leaders. The remaining ranks of captains, commanders, lieutenants and foot soldiers make up the organization.

     On the ground or in space they are able warriors and are best known for their skills at piloting their triangular Venom fighter craft.

     Their colors are black and silver, and crimson and gold, and appear in various configurations depending on rank and status within the cartel.

Dos Omega

     Dos Omega (Doo-Zu Oh-may-gah) territory is adjacent to and roughly the same size as the Nine Daggers decks of the Heap. There is a narrow band of blocks and bulkheads separating the two that form a neutral no-man's-land. This area is very dangerous and conflict between many competing interests is frequent.

     The Omegas make up their numbers from a wide variety of species and genders and have no exclusionary policies in contrast to the Daggers. Their business interests are similar but are weighted toward black and grey market goods that are either hard to find or otherwise illegal in most sectors.

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