Lore: Corporations & Mercenary Companies


Exoris (Mining, Refining and Transport):

     Exoris is the largest of the mega-mining corporations in the Orion Arm. They specialize in minerals, rare elements, gases, liquids and isotopes from a wide range of systems. The company extracts, refines and ships raw materials to almost anywhere in the galaxy that they might be needed.

     As many of the materials produced by Exoris have a high monetary value it has necessitated a large investment in military power and long range escort capability to defend both the mining facilities and also the freight routes that they commonly use. In this regard, Exoris relies heavily on proprietary 'Minion' drones and corvette borne light fighter squadrons.

     Exoris capital ships have immense cargo holds such as those found on the impressive Behemoth class vessels. They also typically carry large contingents of combat-ready drones and have a variety of point defense systems. Exoris is not known to engage in or initiate overt attacks on other corporations (preferring subterfuge and infiltration in such cases) and as a result large particle weapons and other long range heavy weaponry is rarely found even on their flagships.

     Exoris colours typically include orange highlights on a grey field.

Farm Ultra (Agricultural, Bio-Genetic)

     FarmUltra (affectionately known simply as FU to the civilian population) grows, controls and sells much of the fresh produce and rations to be found in space.

     Rather than creating complex artificial growth and maturation chambers, FarmUltra prefers to terraform already habitable worlds that are not protected by treaty or able to defend themselves. The development and evolution of many promising species has been cut short as a result.

     Using a process that FU has dubbed 'Regenerative Planet Seeding', they kill off as much of the planet's native life as possible before replacing it with their genetically 'superior' and ecologically-aggressive modified plant and animal life. The so-called 'larder-worlds' that are created via this process are strictly controlled and defended by automated defences, robots and drones with a bare minimum of 'human' intervention.

     Occasionally, small groups of hippies and outcasts manage to form small settlements on the otherwise pristine and idyllic FarmUltra worlds. As long as these settlements do not grow beyond a certain size or occur with great frequency, FarmUltra tends to ignore them. Any attempts at forming larger settlements inevitably result in lethal private military response. The corporation also has a standing military presence that is considered modest by most corporate standards.

     Farm Ultra colours make heavy use of dark green, bright whites, and greens in general.

Universal Mechanics (Parts, Consumer Goods, Equipment, etc.)

     Universal Mechanics is the ACME of the future. The company produces a staggering range of consumer goods, non-military vehicles, electronics, and spare parts. There is little that they don't produce in abundance and for what may be described as a reasonable price/quality ratio.

     UM's forays into military and high end goods have been met with limited success due to quality and brand positioning issues. The ill-fated UM-226 disruptor was one such example. However, UM does well on sales of K-Rations, uniforms and other light military kit.

     UM has vast storage complexes and shipping networks due to the nature of their business and sell both services on to corporations like FarmUltra who have few long range logistical resources of their own. In many cases FU foodstuffs are re-branded and sold on as UM products.

     UM has a sizeable private military presence in all sectors in which it operates, sometimes to the extent that their investment in private protection appears to outweigh the potential benefits. In the past, UM commodity shipments were often plagued by raiders and pirates, but to a much lesser extent today due to the measures they have taken.

     Universal Mechanics branding is often black and white, or white/black with no background due to the sheer variety of their goods.

Sirius Armaments (Light Arms and Rockets)

     Sirius Armaments is a boutique light arms corporation that caters to civilian and paramilitary clients. Specialized and multi-vector weaponry is crafted lovingly in small batches and shipped across the known galaxy. Discerning buyers will usually be able to find a suitable SA blaster among the many cheap knock-offs and mid-range options.

     Despite the small output of the corporation, its blasters are widespread among certain circles and can almost always be found among groups of mercenaries, bounty-hunters and operators.

     Sirius also produces a range of light rockets that fill a wide range of use-cases. Notably, they also produce the PKY-88 four-shot rocket launcher that was lauded in the Signi-III Rodan siege.

     If you find yourself in the Sirius system, drop by for a visit, the friendly staff will be all too happy to show you around the workshops. An additional 5% discount is available on-site!

Arma Ghede (Military Arms, Armors and Heavy Weapons)

     Arma Ghede is one of the most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of military arms and heavy equipment. They sell everything from personal battle kit to battle cruisers to a wide range of customers, including: the Governance, corporate and registered mercenary companies.

     The company offers not only the hardware but also the expertise, training, and logistical support that are needed for modern warfare and large scale deployments.

Cygnus Dynamics (Heavy Arms, Mechanized Weapons, Ships)

     Cygnus Dynamics and it's many subsidiaries under the Cygnus Heavy Industries umbrella manufacture and sell a staggering array of drones, vehicles, robots, mecha and armored military units.

     They are famed for their line of Augmented-Battle Power Armour that has gained considerable notoriety and has been adopted by all of the largest mercenary companies, Pax Invictus in particular. The AB suit is capable of being utilized in space or on the ground but is incapable on it's own of re-entry into a planet's atmosphere without assistance or additional shielding. Once engaged on the battlefield it can bring to bear a fearsome array of heavy armament against both hard and soft targets. Due to it's excessive cost and upkeep requirements it remains rather rare and is typically wielded by only the highest ranking battlefield officers and commanders. The suit is highly agile but is still vulnerable to heavy beams, turrets and other large scale ordnance that is able to successfully target the suit.

     Cygnus Dynamics typically uses black and yellow, or black and red markings on its logos and corporate assets, however individual products are painted according to the end customers specifications on purpose. By default all vehicles and mecha are painted in flat greys and blacks that are designed to blend in, or remain unobtrusive across a range of environments.

Sec Pol (Security & Policing)

     SecPol or Sector Policing Conglomerated is the largest private security contractor in the known galaxy and provides a wide range of low to medium end security and policing services to a wide range of corporate and civilian agents.

     Whether you need a space-station or a planetary colony secured you will be in good hands with the white clad SecPol. Policing, security, adjudication and incarceration product lines are available individually or as part of a package-deal.

     While SecPol is quite capable of managing both civilian and corporate interests their staff are generally not as highly trained or skilled as professional soldiers or mercenaries. They have a decent track record against pirates and other forms of space brigandry but will generally rely on Governance or corporate military support when the going gets too tough.

Kemetic Shipyards (Prototype Ships)

     Little is known about Kemetic or who funded the now defunct secret shipyard that produced the KS-TRL (Kestrel) that Fox pilots.

Cadetic Medical

     Cadetic Med as it is most commonly known is the primary source of medical supplies and equipment in the Orion arm.

     The company produces everything from medicines, vaccines and implants to medical equipment and genetic modification labs.

     The corporation generally has a decent reputation and a small security presence.

Himeros X Tech (Erotic Tech)

     Himeros X-tech is one of the oldest of the mega-corporations. They produce a staggering array of companion robots and androids that can be found throughout the galaxy on nearly every planet and space-station that has existed since humankind first took to the stars.

     Himeros companions are built to a reasonable quality and durability that they can be expected to remain in service for many years. Almost all of them possess at least a rudimentary AI with some models having an incredibly lifelike intellect. Due to trade restrictions and galactic law, companion bots must be discernable from sentient life forms and as such usually have verbal, behavioural and physical cues built in so that that they are not mistaken for 'people'.

     A great number of these companion bots have been hacked and their programming repurposed to fill a wider range of functions than are available from factory models and they are often conscripted to perform manual labour in addition to any more intimate duties they might be expected to perform.

     Historically, there was at one time a vocal outcry against Himeros from elements of the civilian population. However, the rigors and challenges of life in deep and even near space quickly proved to be too much for the human psyche which does not do well over months or years of total isolation. Today, companion bots are widely accepted as a fact of modern day life.

     The Himeros logo needs no further explanation.

SSI (Communications and Mainframes)

     SSI produces short and long range communications systems, mainframes, satellites, probes and other high end electronic equipment. Their technology is widely adopted across dozens of sectors in both civilian and military use.

     The company's initials 'SSI' form their stylized logo and is often represented as a silver insignia on a dark blue background.

Mercenary Companies:

Blue Company:

     Is comprised entirely from ex Rodan marine corps. They have access to the latest and greatest Rodan dropships and equipment but have been known to also acquire Horuken frigates and battle-cruisers when available.

     They are a reasonably professional mercenary company and are often employed by the corporations and Governance when extra help or deniability are needed. As such they aim to keep attributable civilian casualties to a minimum at all times. However, being Rodan they have little value for individual life and will cut corners when they think no-one is looking.

     On the ground, they are much more imposing than in space, where they are imposing enough. This is due in large part to the sheer numbers of Rodans they can pack tightly into their dropships. Supported by an equally large number of drones makes any engagement with them problematic wherever large area-of-effect weapons cannot be used.

     The Blue Company banners are bright blue slashed with wide white tribal like streaks.

Pax Invictus

     Operates out of the Dodge system where they have been based since their inception. It is one of the largest and most proficient of the private military contractors and makes up its ranks from military professionals of all species and specializations.

     It is officially sanctioned by the Governance and it will respond to any client that can afford it's services. They have been involved in all of the major conflicts in the civilized galaxy for the past hundred and twenty years.

     They are known to employ every advantage and technology that they can get access to and it is common to see their commanders clad in Cygnus Dynamics Power Armor.

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