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     Human. Handsome. About 187cm tall, or a bit over six feet if you're inclined to measure that way. His eyes are amber, almost golden, beneath a thick mop of medium long brown hair that almost touches his shoulders and looks almost red in some kinds of light. A crooked smile. Lean and muscular and scarred here and there from a life lived dangerously. Full of vim and vigor and confidence, though it's not always warranted. Fox craves attention even when he's trying to keep a low profile, as if to say "Hey, look how good I am at hiding!". He rarely plans his life more than ten minutes in advance and prefers to improvise whenever possible. Sees himself as charming, and sometimes he is too. He's a bit of a hedonist and seeks pleasure wherever he can get it since he's never quite sure if he will live to see tomorrow. Bit of a ladies man, but he's been known to have relations with other species. He's capable in a fight and a capable strategist when he thinks far enough ahead. He will use force when necessary, overwhelmingly so, if possible.


     Artificial Intelligence, presumably. Injected into Fox's neck via nanite-suspension definitely. Arc is Fox's sidekick and the ever present voice in his head. You might say the voice of reason. Arc appears to Fox as a woman, and that's how she sounds in his head, but it's difficult to say if she has a natural gender at all. Very little is known about her past. She's part Fox and part ship's computer and something else entirely as well, only we're not quite sure what that might be.

     She's intelligent, sentient, sapient and alive in her own right. She's Fox's partner in crime and literally has to go wherever he goes. Most people aren't aware of her existence as she can speak directly to Fox in his head. She has the ability to speak aloud over comm-links and wireless speakers and is an extremely gifted hacker. She sees what Fox sees, and can often feel what he feels and vice versa. This can lead to some awkward situations.

     She's a lot more than what you can see on the surface (which is very little indeed) and in many ways is on her own journey of self discovery. The rest of the time she's mouthing off and chiding Fox for being an imbecile.


     Flur. Green skinned with darker green hair/leaves, a little longer than shoulder length. Feminine. Lithe and curvy and attractive by anyone's standards. As a Flur she could have chose any form she wanted, and she's the way she is by choice. Try not to judge her solely by her outward appearance and demeanor. She's bright and optimistic despite life in the modern galaxy and a string of hard times. She's smart; a mechanic with a keen mind, and a good one too. Her heart is big enough for a dozen people and sometimes more vulnerable to breaking as a result. Your first instinct might be to protect her, at least until you realize that she's probably the one protecting you.

Bounty Hunters:


     Sparq. Two point five meters tall, eight feet in a heartbeat, though it has none. Made up of a smooth white ceramic-like material and shining platinum, Barker is terrifyingly imposing. Its face is a smooth white mask full of calculation and hidden menace. An Adonis-like statue of a malevolent god. Robotic. Devious. Wickedly intelligent, it once commanded the Governance battle fleets and could coordinate thousands of ships in pitched battle. A master strategist.

    However Barker first became chained to the Governance is unclear. When it decided to leave, none could stop it. None dared. It disappeared for years, on unknown errands for unknown reasons. When it returned, it had with it, four strange companions.

     They became known simply as "the Five". As in the five most ruthless bounty hunters in the known galaxy. Capable of commanding exorbitant sums of credits and resources for the jobs they agreed to take. Even the Governance won't cross them, no one who has ever tried has lived to tell the tale.


     Rodan. Space-cowboy. Six limbs and a gun for each one. No remarkable features if you discount his ability and penchant for mass murder. This makes him as dangerous as anyone in the galaxy can be. Comfortable with blasters, long-arms or heavy weapons. If it shoots, he's probably firing four of them at your head right now.

     Little is presently known about Gun'jon. How he joined up with Barker, what his motivations are, where he came from. All mysteries that will be unraveled at some future date.


     The ogre. Half human, half Horuken, genetically engineered. Almost as big as Barker, but flesh instead of metal, not that it matters much. Bred for fighting, luckily for him, that turned out to be his real passion in life. Fists like nothing you have ever seen, wrapped in titanium coated depleted uranium. Getting hit by him is a lot like getting hit with a rocket powered wrecking-ball. I recommend that you avoid it, if at all possible.

     Somewhere between the fighting-pits and joining up with Barker he ran ran with the notorious mercenary company Pax Invictus out of Dodge. It was here he learned to fight as a professional solider as well as a street-fighter. The mercenaries made the most of his natural talents by equipping him with a custom suit of Cygnus Dynamics AB4 power armor. A mere mortal gazing upon the flesh and blood Boxcutter could easily die of a heart attack as piss themselves. Now imagine this beast at least seven times as big and bristling with rockets.


     Human, female. Space-banshee. Caramel skin and long straight black hair. Fond of making herself up like a creepy doll, perhaps a skeleton, maybe both. There's no reasoning out what is born of madness. Wears flowing robes and coats in layers of greys, whites and black. Her clothes often seem to have to have life of their own and react to her state of mind.

     Her mind. Exceptional. Calculating, brutal, tortured, psychic. At an early age she showed an aptitude for enhanced mental abilities and was taken into a secret research program meant to enhance her mental abilities.

     The lab tried to create psionic super soldiers and with Eulogy, they were successful. Unfortunately for all involved the girl had suffered too much trauma and pain at the hands of the researchers to be controlled effectively. Quite simply she was driven half mad (at least) by the process.

     Suffice it to say that Eulogy escaped the lab and joined up with Barker at a later date. Immune to her powers, Barker is possibly the only entity in the universe that can reign her in.


     Species unknown. Assassin, special-ops commando. Lethal with a range of weapons. Adapts to the tactical situation. Uses sniper rifles when appropriate, or SMGs when engaged in tighter situations. For up close work it prefers bladed weapons of the shocking variety.

     Clad in true black nano-fiber camo the creature is almost invisible in most light and near undetectable to most sensors. It wears a four lensed visor with which it can see across many spectra and distances.

     Its most likely origin is from the wars the spawned from the Rodan Genocides where it probably perfected the dark arts of both overt and covert warfare. How Barker recruited such a dark and elusive being is beyond speculation.

Criminals and Rogues:


     Human, female. Underboss of the Nine Daggers cartel. Fearsome leader and skilled pilot. Respected for her judgement and ability to put down her enemies. Knows how to turn a profit and keep her part of the organization in check. Her people are fiercely loyal and protective of her. She's moderately tall and has the Scandanavian-esque bearing of the Proxima tribes of humankind.

     Tallish. Golden hair cut in a slanting bob with straight bangs. Clear tactical visor over ice blue eyes. Crimson lips and AG90 blasters on her hips. Cross her at your peril.

     Known for being pragmatic and level headed under pressure, she knows what to do and how to turn a situation to benefit the Daggers. While her true loyalty is to her sisters, she will treat those she does business with respectfully and is reluctant to act in bad-faith.


     Flur. Feminine. Deep brown skin with a layer of green shining through like a dark light. Her hair, or leaves, fall in flat narrow bands from her scalp and are a deep golden colour like autumn qwheat. Braided, into overlapping strands that trail down her back. Wears a golden coloured thin circlet on her brow. Icy blue eyes flecked with silvery metallic flecks.

     A great leader in her own right. No nonsense. She has much less compassion and compunction than Nileen and will exploit any situation to her benefit. Like most of the Nine Daggers, she is an excellent pilot but is perhaps stronger on the ground firing an assault rifle. An able fighter in hand to hand combat but not an expert.

     Spend five minutes with Seph and you'll come away with the impression that you should try to stay on her good side.

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