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Aeon Witch (unpublished)

Nineteen year old Alis has been living on the run for the past three years, and tonight her whole life is going to change when she meets the mysterious witch Gorgon. With little choice, Alis embarks on a hazardous journey of self discovery and emotional upheaval to unlock her hidden powers. She must navigate through a broken world inhabited by the brutal Templars along with goblins, werewolves, vampires and other strange creatures - to realize her full potential and try to save her people.

Will her desire to get revenge on the Templars risk everything she has fought for?

The Limitless Dark (unpublished)

Fox is a smuggler, a fixer, and a charming rogue with a sleek ship and a witty artificial intelligence as his ever-present sidekick. Always looking to make a quick buck, he thinks nothing of delivering a mysterious package for the unassuming man. It isn’t long before trouble catches up to him. He’s got the galactic Governance, cartels, corporations, mercenaries, and the five most ruthless bounty hunters in the universe chasing after him. Relentlessly pursued, Fox has to uncover the truth while saving his own skin before time runs out. If he manages to get out of it in one piece, he may just get the chance to accidentally end all life as we know it.


The Limitless Dark

The Limitless Dark is complete, and is currently unpublished. Follow me on twitter for more updates.

Aeon Witch

Is now completed and I am looking for representation to get it published. Follow me on twitter for more updates.


Click here to learn more about the universe of the Limitless Dark. (Aeon Witch Lore - coming soon.)

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About Me:

I make my home in Toronto, Canada, and I am 43 years old. Somewhere along the line I picked up degrees in Anthropology, Media, and Library Science. I'm still not exactly sure how I managed to do that, but there you have it.

Spending time walking through the city, nature, or anywhere near water, are typically among my favorite things to do. A lifelong love of writing, art, animals and nature have served me well over the years.

Contact: sasha [at] sashamarkus [dot] com