About Me:

I make my home in Toronto, Canada, and I am 43 years old. Somewhere along the line I picked up degrees in Anthropology, Media, and Library Science. I'm still not exactly sure how I managed to do that, but there you have it.

A lifelong love of writing, art, animals and nature have served me well over the years. Spending time walking through the city, nature, or anywhere near water, are typically among my favorite things to do, along with spending time with my loved ones.

I came to writing early in life - as a way to express myself. You could say that I was a bit of a nerd growing up, and often lost myself in books, or the worlds that I would create in my head as I walked. The one benefit of spending so much time alone in my youth is that it helped generate a vivid imagination that I still rely on, in almost every aspect of my life today.

Like many people, I have secret caches of awful, angsty poems, a few of which may have genuine merit. One such poem was published under another person's name when I was in highschool, and I still regret gifting my words to that person. What I learned from the experience though, is that your words are your own, and you should own your own voice. However you might achieve that.

I hope that you enjoy my words, as much as I enjoy creating them, and I hope that you find something in everything that I write, that will resonate with some part of you. I'm certain that there are many lines or scenes that you will interpret in ways that I never intended, and I hope that you do. I think that the magick in art goes beyond the aura of the artist, and perhaps what is most important, are the things that you find in yourself when you take the time to look into the abyss.