Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is Maker To Maker?
A: Maker to Maker is a place for Makers to connect with each other to buy and sell their services and talents. It's not a place to buy things that are already dreamed up by other people, instead, it helps you build -your- dreams.

For example, if you have a 3D Printer, or you have Mechanical Engineering knowledge, or whatever... and would be willing to sell or give away your services to other makers,this is the place for you.

Basically this is a place for makers to find other help them make stuff.
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Q: How does Maker To Maker Work?
A: Hopefully we have made it easy for you, if not please email us at here and leave some feedback on how we can make the site better, and more user friendly.

Step 1: Create an account by clicking on the Login/Register link above, and fill out some very minimal information about yourself so other makers can see what country you are from etc.

Step 2: Fill out some information about your skills and services so other makers can learn what you can offer and how much you charge.
The site is totally free at the moment.

Step 3:You're all done. Now you be able to search for other makers who can help you make stuff (I don't have access to a CNC Machine, so I need to find someone can make me a sprocket. But first I need to find a maker to design the 3D sprocket model for me...)


You can sit back and relax, and wait for other makers to find you and request stuff from you. It's up to you whether you want to take on the job, how much it will cost and how the user will pay for it. ( We reccommend Paypal, but you can accept money orders, barter, or whatever if legal in your region - you should probably avoid personal cheques though!)
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Q: Why isn't Maker to Maker a place to sell products that are already assembled?
A: The short answer is there are already a lot of great places to do that like eBay, Etsy, or Brika. Each of them have their own pro's and con's but Maker To Maker is more about helping you build the stuff that you though up, than it a site for buying stuff that someone else has already thought up.

It also helps you create one off projects, prototypes, product demos, or engineering that you wouldn't be able to do for yourself on a small scale. It can be expensive at the best of times to design a new product. At Maker to Maker you can find the help you need, at the price you need it at.

When you make it big you may decide to hire your own dedicated team, until then, there's makers out there who can help.
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Q: Can I sell supplies to other makers?
A: No, at this time selling supplies, or linking to catalogues and third party websites is subject to warning or banning from Maker To Maker.

If this is something that is appealing users and makes sense, it's definitely a feature we can add later.
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Q: Can I directly promote my business on this site?
A: Yes and no. As a Maker to Maker member you are promoting first and foremost yourself. If you would like to direct people to your website for more sample images etc, you can tell them the url of your site in a private message or order.

Linking to product pages or third party websites from your skills is not supported at this time.
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Q: Why do some members have a (Verified maker) star beside their title?
A: Maker who have been verified in person and have a high standing with the community have this mark to indicate that they are who they say they are

Member verification does not imply any warranty, guarantee, or quality of service, just that these members have been verified in the real world, and have delivered a high standard of service in the past.
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